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About Us

Established in 2018, Non Zero Sum stands as an accomplished entity that has successfully assisted more than 20 businesses across Singapore and Malaysia. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive business solutions, that encompass a wide array of services, specializing accounting and corporate secretary services. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have redefined the concept of outsourcing. We have provided alternative to ensure that our clients maintain uninterrupted access to an expansive array of services, all
powered by cutting-edge and cost-effective strategies. Our ultimate goal is to empower companies to excel in their core functions, enabling them to operate optimally in an ever-evolving dynamics of the business world.

Non Zero Sum Team

What is Non-Zero Sum Game?

Non Zero Sum signifies a game-changing philosophy. 

In a 'zero-sum game', one's gain comes at the direct expense of another's loss. But we believe in a different paradigm. A 'non-zero sum game' is a strategy where everyone wins, forging collaborative success through synergy. Just as we're committed to enhancing your business without compromising others, our name embodies our dedication to fostering a shared journey towards excellence. 

With Non Zero Sum, we're rewriting the rules of success to create a win-win scenario for all.

Why Choose Us?

Non Zero Sum is a team of professionals who believe in using technology to deliver accurate yet cost effective solutions

Non Zero Sum Location


A hassle-free experience with us.

Non Zero Sum Expertise


Like a fine wine, we have been aging for years.

Non Zero Sum Strategies


We do not think out of the box. There is not box.

Non Zero Sum Exceptional Services


Extra mile is not just a few steps away.

Non Zero Sum Direct Communication


We do not speak in riddles. We tell it like it is.

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